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As a vacation property owner listing your rental(s) in " - By Owner Vacation Rentals" you agree to and understand the following terms:

  1. Although - By Owner Vacation Rentals", makes every effort to provide accurate information on this web site, we do not guarantee the accuracy of any information. We will take the information you provide us and attempt to publish it accurately. Sometimes grammar or spelling changes are made to improve the wording. Sometimes repetitive or inappropriate wording is deleted. It is your responsibility to review the information after it is published and check it for any errors or needed corrections. In such cases please contact us so that we can make the necessary changes.
  2. will in no way be held responsible for disagreements between you and renters (or prospective renters) of your property due to how the information appears in this directory. It is your sole responsibility to screen rental applicants and enter into an agreement with them as you deem appropriate.
  3. will make every effort to maintain the web site so that visitors can view it. As with any electrical/mechanical device our computers or the Internet may malfunction occasionally or need updating. In such situations will make every attempt to get the web site back on line as soon as possible, and you understand and agree that will not be held liable in any way in such circumstances.
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